April Goulding was born and bred in Newfoundland, Canada. From a young age, she began learning traditional cooking techniques from her mother and grandmothers. It was quickly apparent that she had a deep love for food and an affinity for both cooking and baking.

Her intense interest in food led to a quest for knowledge in nutrition as well as all aspects of human health.

This propelled her to pursue a Science degree, majoring in Behavioural Neuroscience. At this time, she completed studies in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Anatomy and Physiology and Psychology and Neuroscience as well as Nutrition. Post graduation, April jumped on the technology train and completed a diploma in Information Technology.

After working as a software developer and IT manager for 15 years, April decided to return to her first love and, in 2018, she launched her nutritional coaching program and high-end meal service, Watch Your Mouth.

April’s teachings are based on holistic principals, where the science and psychology of human nutrition and behaviour are used to help her clients reach their health and physique goals.

She teaches her clients not only how to eat healthfully, but also how to live the highest quality life possible.

Food and its effects upon the person are her passion.

April lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She shares her life with her 2 boys, Ethan and Owen. When not coaching or cooking, she can be found picking up some pretty heavy things in the gym.